Mini Dachshund Goes Sledding for the First Time!
  • 25.01.2023
  • 2141

Oh, Mac, how much fun was that? In training for the Dog Olympics?? I enjoy seeing you experiencing different things in life. Your mom and dad are wonderful parents!

Dachshund puppy stealin mama's snack
  • 21.01.2023
  • 912

Your little guy has a personality just like my black and tan, smooth haired doxie. His name is Oliver. Such a smart, sassy, strong willed dog. But it's hard to ever be mad at him. I have 2-3 videos posted of him too.

Dachshund Is Completely Obsessed With His Old, Stinky Ball Toy | The Dodo
  • 20.01.2023
  • 266

There's a genuinely smiling dog if I ever saw one! The look on his face on seeing the box of them and then the "ball pit" lol! What an awesome mum!

Second day of Christmas with 2 Mini Dachshunds. Grandma came to visit.
  • 14.01.2023
  • 2310

Second day of Christmas. Then we usually go 'gourmetten'. I don't actually know the English name for it. All dishes (usually meat) that everyone prepares with their own pan. It was also a nice day for my mother. She cuddled a lot with Loulou & Coco. And Fred hasn't had a good Christmas/winter beer yet. We have 2 more beers to try. xxx Eveline

Playful Turtle Follows His BFF Mom Like a Dog | The Dodo
  • 11.01.2023
  • 731

Turtle And His Mom Have Been BFFs For 10 Years | This little turtle thinks he's a dog — he follows Mom everywhere!

Why You Should Have A Dachshund
  • 10.01.2023
  • 4320

Dachshund's make the perfect like companions.

5 Things You Must Never Do to Your Dachshund
  • 09.01.2023
  • 867

We bought sisters as pups. One lived to be 15, the other was 18. They were and still are part of our family. They were so smart and had wonderfully expressive and totally different personalities. Thinking of them brings joy and tears at the same time.

Dachshund and bunnies.
  • 05.01.2023
  • 1509

Loulou is so well behaved. So cute ❤❤❤

1st big cleaning of the year with 2 Dachshunds.
  • 03.01.2023
  • 2199

Big cleaning on the 1st of January. The windows, ceiling, baseboards, everywhere under and in between. This video is not to show how 'perfect' it seems, but this is how I am, how Fred and I are ( Fred also likes clean and tidy ) For us is a clean tidy house, a clean head. I need rest, regularity and structure. After a very busy festive month I'm really looking forward to going back to normal. Lots of walks, healthier food, enough sleep, etc.

Christmas Eve with 2 mini Dachshunds.
  • 25.12.2022
  • 6723

Merry Christmas E to you, Fred, R, C, Loub and Coco....thank you so much for all that you do and I hope you enjoy the holidays ⭐🎄🎅🍺🍾🥂🎆

Abused Dog Isolated Herself From The World
  • 24.12.2022
  • 2336

Hary used to be a stray dog. It’s been a year since the guardian took Harry as a family, yet she hasn’t overcome her trauma from the past… She only sits inside her house and stays still. Having a closer look, we could see traces of abuse on her body. Is there any way to regain trust from her?

Winter with Mini Dachshunds.
  • 23.12.2022
  • 1373

Winter in the Netherlands. Actually it should be called Autumn because we don't often have real winters. 2 days it had a little frost ( -3°C / 26.60°F ) now we have rain all the time and it is 12°C / 53.60°F. I think it's ok because I'm always cold, I'm not a winter person but snow is beautiful to see. The chickens are ok, the ducks don't mind cold at all and the fish are hibernating. The pond does not freeze over because the water continues to move and oxygen is pumped into it. Loulou & Coco always like it outside, they don't care about the weather. We make sure that they are not outside for too long in colder weather.

What Does a Mini Dachshund Like to Eat ?
  • 19.12.2022
  • 2441

Love the stoic look on Theo's face whilst "tolerating" other offers before getting the best 😂🍖🍖

35 Hero Animals that Saved Human Lives !
  • 16.12.2022
  • 22698

The cats helping the disabled dog is a one in a million that no one would believe if it was not filmed